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Starts: May 09, 2016 Ends: August 09, 2016
Our mission is to establish a communication channel between you and developers or professionals. Through Community Hero, you can share your achievement with others, and expend your related opportunity at the same time. More importantly, have fun and enjoy your community achievement.
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You can choose your specialty in accordance with your interests.
Cloud Computing The storage and access of computing model is on IoT, not on the hard disk of a traditional server.
Developer Program developer, develop programming tools, on the platform like Windows, iOS, Linux, etc., use relevant programming language to develop, such as C# , VB.Net, Ruby, Python, Java, PHP, Node.js, etc.
IoT IoT means objects can connect to the Internet stably with remote control ability and data sharing advantage etc. In the real world, IoT can be applied to food, electronics, electrical appliances, collectibles and so on through embedded sensor, and used online at the same time.
Database Administrator Who develops, manages and maintain of database management systems, and is familiar with business analysis and ETL data integration software.
Big Data Big Data, hard to capture management and processing data. However, through big data analysis, you can accelerate analysis time and find business value simultaneously.
Enterprise Mobility Enterprises use mobile phones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices in business environments.
Infrastructure IT infrastructure and, engineering design, deployment and support.
Productivity Client, user platform tools.
Others Others
Here you can look and search members with your same interests as you or members in other technology guild.
What is Kudos?
Kudos is an honorable recognition from community, you can give Kudos to anyone in Community Hero you recognized. You can know who give you Kudos

Who can give Kudos?
Join Community Hero and you can give Kudos

Whom you can give Kudos to?
To members of Community Hero
Kudo Experience The Kudo experience you get will be calculated in accordance with the overall weighted experience of the giver.
The higher experience the giver has (means he has higher position in the Community), the more Kudo experience you get.
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