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The storage and access of computing model is on IoT, not on the hard disk of a traditional server.
Program developer, develop programming tools, on the platform like Windows, iOS, Linux, etc., use relevant programming language to develop, such as C# , VB.Net, Ruby, Python, Java, PHP, Node.js, etc.
IoT means objects can connect to the Internet stably with remote control ability and data sharing advantage etc. In the real world, IoT can be applied to food, electronics, electrical appliances, collectibles and so on through embedded sensor, and used online at the same time.
Who develops, manages and maintain of database management systems, and is familiar with business analysis and ETL data integration software.
Big Data, hard to capture management and processing data. However, through big data analysis, you can accelerate analysis time and find business value simultaneously.
Enterprises use mobile phones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices in business environments.
IT infrastructure and, engineering design, deployment and support.
Client, user platform tools